Holistic Gynecology with Dr. Shawn Tassone

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Conscious Fertility with Dr. Lorne Brown

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Leaving Therapy for Coaching with Rachel Maine

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Sex Addiction is NOT Real with Dr. David Ley

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How to Break Up Better with Adam Roa

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Our Pregnancy Journey: Conception, Miscarriage, Staying in Love

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Goodbye, Bryn

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Ketamine Therapy: Sexual Healing + Deeper Connections with Dr. Cat Meyer

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Couples Who Do ‘The Work’

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Sex, Death, & Shadow Work with Susan Marrufo

Listen Here Today on That Sex Chick: Looking deep within to uncover what’s holding you back How the masks we wear keep us from intimacy The finish line doesn’t exist: celebrate your progress Cultivate healing with your inner masculine & feminine Shadow work in partnership & creating polarity Developing self-awareness to un-numb & soften Susan […]