Building Uncompromising Relationships with Alexandra Stockwell, MD


Today on That Sex Chick:

  • Understanding the fixed vs. growth mindset in relationships
  • Why compromise can lead to a lackluster relationship
  • The benefits of being uncompromising in intimacy and sex
  • Cultivating curiosity and speaking up about your desires
  • How to create more connection in communication with your partner
  • Unlocking your desires and exploring your own needs in a relationship

“Intimacy Doctor” Alexandra Stockwell joins Alexa for a juicy conversation on being fully self-expressed in your relationship and uncompromising in your intimacy. Alexandra unpacks ways we compromise in our intimacy and how it can lead to a bland and unfulfilling relationship, while also sharing insights on how to practice awareness to begin speaking up about your needs. Tune in as they explore how to cultivate curiosity and create more connection in your communication with your partner, and unlock your deepest desires to build a beautiful and long-lasting relationship.

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