Date More Intentionally with Talia Koren


Today on That Sex Chick:

  • Talia’s dating journey: 61 dates in 10 months
  • Common pitfalls to avoid in the early stages of dating
  • Building a positive and empowered attitude towards using dating apps
  • Presenting your authentic self in your dating app bio and clearly stating your preferences
  • Keeping to your standards while releasing expectations
  • Navigating the timing of sex in a new relationship

Talia Koren, the ultimate dating guru, joins Alexa to share her tantalizing insights on dating intentionally and with confidence. With 61 first dates under her belt in just 10 months, Talia dishes out the juicy lessons of her journey, along with what she learned from exiting a 6-year relationship. Get ready to savor her tips on crafting a dating app bio, setting boundaries and desires, and indulging in a healthier mindset towards dating. The goal? To help you have a positive and enjoyable dating experience, learn more about yourself, and ultimately attract a fulfilling and satisfying love.

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