How my Husband Learned to be More Dominant


Today on That Sex Chick:

  • The discomfort & challenges in sexual exploration
  • Overcoming inadequacy & how Jordan leaned into dominance
  • Key experiences & resources that helped Jordan on his path
  • How Alexa & Jordan learned to challenge and support each other
  • The importance of prioritizing your intimacy & sex life

Join Alexa and Jordan in this episode as Jordan shares his journey of learning to embrace his dominant side. You’ll hear how it was a difficult path, as Jordan struggled with feelings of inadequacy while Alexa felt like her kinkiness was too much for him to handle. But they found a way to navigate through the tension and dissonance, pushing past the honeymoon phase and exploring things they hadn’t done before. Jordan prioritized his sexual development and found ways to lean into his dominant side, adding flavor and spice to their sex life by challenging each other and learning to follow and lead. He shares key experiences such as taking the erotic blueprint quiz and creating a Will/Want/Won’t list, leading to a humbling journey of sexual self-discovery that transformed their relationship and sex life.

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