Legal Sex Work Changes Lives with GG Sauvage


Today on That Sex Chick:

  • Debunking stigmas & illuminating the realities of sex work
  • Recovering Catholic’s sexual journey: GG’s experience with sex work
  • Stepping into GG’s fantasy of being a courtesan
  • Legal sex work and its benefits for relationships
  • Tips for a luxury sex work experience
  • GG’s love letter to the woman whose partner seeks sex work

GG joins Alexa to shed light on the realities of sex work, debunking stigmas and sharing her experience as a courtesan in both OnlyFans and legal brothels. As a recovering Catholic, GG reveals how sex work helped her embrace her sexuality and live her sexual dreams to the fullest. They discuss the benefits of legal sex work for relationships, the healing nature of the industry, and offer tips for those interested in experiencing it themselves.

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