Fertility: Biohacking Hormones & Optimizing Health with Josh & Katy Whalen


Today on That Sex Chick:

  • Personal story of how peptides healed the founders’ health and their marriage
  • The impact of hormone optimization on fertility and relationships
  • Josh & Katy’s fertility journey and the importance of open communication
  • Optimal health vs. “normal” health: the proactive approach
  • What to know about progesterone, testosterone, & cortisol
  • Being your own advocate and navigating the healthcare system

Josh and Katy Whalen, the founders of Blokes for Him and Joi for Her, join the show to discuss the powerful impact of hormone optimization and peptide therapy on health and fertility. You’ll hear their personal story of how peptides not only healed their health but also their marriage. The conversation delves into the impact of hormone optimization on fertility and relationships, and the importance of being proactive and preventative in our approach to health care. Josh and Katy share their fertility journey, including their experiences with miscarriages and the importance of open and honest communication. To wrap up, they unpack common stories and symptoms that peptides and hormones can treat, what to know about progesterone, testosterone and cortisol, and the services they offer to address gaps in health.

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