How a Woman Can Transform Her Relationship


Today on That Sex Chick:

  • How Alexa got to a place of taking radical personal responsibility
  • The dangers of over controlling in a relationship
  • Why women want to be the muse for their partners
  • Being open to receiving and accepting help from a partner
  • How slowing down and being messy can lead to self-care and healing
  • Tangible ways your partner can support you in self-ownership

Today, Jordan and Alexa dive into the details of how Alexa is taking radical responsibility for herself and leaning into self-love to treat her relationship better. Alexa shares her journey of slowing down, being messy, and taking radical care of herself, especially after the trauma of her miscarriage. She’s decided to be more feminine in their relationship and explore how being the muse for her man is transformative for their dynamic. Jordan shares how he’s supporting her in this process, and they share tangible how-tos for your partner to support you on your path of self-ownership and responsibility.

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