Sex & Love University

Description: This immersive, fourth-month program will completely transform your business while helping you to create one that is abundant, fulfilling and in total alignment. You will learn the fundamental methods of sex coaching while also learning necessary broad spectrum sex education and how to apply it to your life and your business.

During our time together, you will discover who your ideal client is and begin to explore creating offers based on your unique social media audience and the individuals you feel most excited to work with. You will have the opportunity to practice with provided guest clients. You will create your personal branding foundation, a business plan, and a content strategy for the next year of your business.

By the end of our mentorship, you will have launched an offer into the world with sex/love/relationships as the central focus.



Sex & Love Academy is included when you enroll

Must already be a practicing coach with an established business that has taken money for services online/in-person for 6 months or more.