Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms for Better Sex with Johnathan White


Today on That Sex Chick:

  • How men can separate orgasm and ejaculation
  • Shorten the orgasm gap & connect more deeply in sex
  • How men can experience more pleasure & eliminate the refractory period
  • Simple practices for non-ejaculatory orgasms
  • Feeling satisfied at the end of sex without ejaculating

Today’s conversation with Johnathan White is all about semen retention and non-ejaculatory orgasms for men, and how this can impact sex, love, and relationships. Learn why men would want to embark on this journey of separating their orgasms from ejaculation, and simple practices to begin. You’ll gain insight into the benefits like connecting deeper to yourself and your partner, shortening the orgasm gap, improving energy levels, and no longing experiencing the refractory period.

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