Serena Rose, Executive Assistant & Head Coach

Bio: Growing up, I was taught that sex was wrong and my body wasn’t safe. My family is primarily Catholic, so I spent the majority of my life navigating the dynamic and emotional happenings a sexually, repressed individual may have within a conservative household.

As a child, I experienced a variety of unique spiritual experiences that guided me to where I am now. I see how intricately entangled sexuality, spirituality, and healing all are.

Our relationships are one of, if not the most, important part of our experience in this life. I dedicated my life to healing my ancestral trauma and creating sustainable and healthy relations.

I help people embrace their kinky side, and heal their relationships with authenticity and deeper sexual awareness.

Location: Havre De Grace, MD

Favorite Sex Toy: Pervertables I can be spanked with..

Area(s) of Expertise: Communication|Language Upgrades, Kink/BDSM, Couples, Emotional Healing, Sensuality, Vulnerability, and Sex Magick

Credentials: Graduate of Sex & Love University, Stretch 22 Graduate, Authentic Relating, Rune & Card Reading, and Psychic Intelligence

Quote to Live By: “The most valuable thing you can invest in- is YOU.”

Instagram: @spiritualsexcoach