Bryn Marhefka, COO & Head Women’s Coach

Bio: After my 10-year marriage ended, I knew that there was a gaping hole in my personal development: SEX. So I hired Alexa as my first sex coach to help me access my desires. It was in that process that my true calling came online! Now, I help women amplify their confidence, truly know their desires, and create a life that turns them on.

Location: Austin, TX

Favorite Sex Toy: Satisfyer Pro

Area(s) of Expertise: Feminine Embodiment, Inner Child Work, Story Work, Sensuality

Credentials: Graduate of Sex & Love University, Training Camp for the Soul graduate, Level 1 Enlifted Coach, Sound Healing, Trauma & Somatics Education

Quote to Live By: “If you want to know where your true power lies go the places you’ve been told to fear the most.⁣ Your orgasm. Your period. Labor and birth. Menopause. All processes that involve your p*ssy.”

Instagram: @brynmarhefka