Introducing our Sex & Love co. Team

Meet the coaches who will be your guides to the best sex, love, and relationships you’ve ever had! Plus, we promise to have a lot of fun along the way 😉


Alexa Martinez – CEO & Founder

Bio: I’m from a small town in South Louisiana. I grew up mostly Catholic and received practically no sex education. I grew up thinking that my body was my worth and that if I used it, it was wrong or dirty and if I wound up in a relationship and it wasn’t being used, then I was broken and worthless.

I also learned that sex wasn’t about or for me, and that my pleasure did not matter. I have spent my entire life healing, learning, and growing beyond those societal and religious conditions and now it’s become my life’s mission and work – to help others achieve epic sex and deeply fulfilling relationships on their terms and in the way that is best suited for them.

I am also on a mission to help other sex and love professionals thrive in their businesses on and offline.

Location: Austin, TX

Favorite Sex Toy: Njoy Stainless Steel Wand

Area(s) of Expertise: Kink/BDSM, Dating, Couples, Sensuality, Emotional Healing, Women’s Coaching, Business Mentorship for Sex Coaches

Credentials: Graduate of The University of Southern Mississippi, Breathwork Journey Facilitation, Sound Healing, Trauma & Somatics Education – LIFE!

Quote to Live By: “Love is a Verb”. I have it tattooed on my back. It’s out of the Incubus song, Here in My Room. #childofthe90s

Instagram: @thatsexchick