How to Break Up Better with Adam Roa


Today on That Sex Chick:

  • Breakups: the opportunity to redesign & redefine who you are
  • Embodying the lessons & leaving the baggage from your relationship
  • Ways to move through the heartache quicker
  • How to clearly communicate desires, fears, & boundaries
  • The confronting aspect of finding your next great love
  • Turning your pain into creative energy

Today, Adam Roa joins Alexa to give hot tips on how to break up better. He talks about why breakups are some of the most painful experiences we go through, exploring how it’s a simultaneous dissolution of our past, present and future. They are an opportunity to redefine who you are, and explore yourself, what you want, your fears, your magic — aspects you can only see when you’re in your single, sovereign energy. Adam unpacks his learnings from his year-long relationship hiatus, divulging how to move through breakup pain faster, embody relationship lessons, and evolve yourself so you’re no longer a match for that old type of relationship.

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