Conscious Fertility with Dr. Lorne Brown


Today on That Sex Chick:

  • Road to conception: opportunity to evolve consciously 
  • Addressing the physical & emotional for a healthy pregnancy
  • When it’s a timing issue vs. fertility issue
  • What to know about the 100 days before conception
  • What men can do to strengthen their sperm
  • Conscious fertility & conscious parenting
  • How want & desperate need cause resistance in the body

Dr. Lorne Brown is the Clinical Director of Acubalance Wellness Centre and host of the Conscious Fertility podcast. If you’re on the conception journey, you’ve probably become aware of how conceiving is not as easy as we think. Today, Alexa openly shares the fears and stories she’s been working through during her road to conception. It’s a deeply emotional process, and Dr. Lorne unpacks how it’s an opportunity to evolve consciously. He shares advice for addressing the physical and emotional aspects that may prevent you from pregnancy, including what to know about the 100 days before conception.

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