Committing to Transformation and Marriage with Nikki Sharp


Today on That Sex Chick:

  • How to look at our fears straight on & stop self-sabotage
  • Why we stay in relationships that don’t serve us
  • Ways to become your own love of your life first
  • Bringing polarity back into your relationship
  • How safe relationships can be the most triggering
  • Ways we experience freedom by doing the work

Transformation expert and coach Nikki Sharp is on the show to unpack the question of — what does it really take to become the person you want to be to attract what you desire? Nikki explores how change happens when we accept where we are with love, and shares how we can learn to unconditionally love our shadows sides. She also unravels why we often stay in relationships that are not working, and how through letting go and doing the healing work, we will truly create a life we love full of freedom, joy, and pleasure.

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