We Hired a Sex Worker

Listen Here Today on That Sex Chick: The safety & comfort in transactional services How Lex & Jordan prepared for the play experience Play-by-play of how the c*ck worshiping experience unfolded The healing aspect of the experience for Jordan Toys, lube, temperature, and other sensation play How to explore your curiosities with conversation It’s the […]

Our Most Taboo Show Yet with Hannah Deindorfer

Listen Here Today on That Sex Chick: Developing courage & self-trust through sexual exploration The process of planning & curating Hannah’s personalized fantasy Intentions Hannah set & fears that arose before her group play scenario Details of her group play, emotions that arose, & Hannah’s reflections Tips for fantasy exploration Buckle up because this is […]

Erotic Blueprints and Kink with Kayce Neill

Listen Here Today on That Sex Chick: Kayce’s energetic orgasm  Breakdown of the 5 Erotic Blueprints & utilizing them with a partner Kayce leads Alexa & Jordan in an energetic play exercise How the Erotic Blueprints help you take responsibility for your pleasure Conscious kink exploration within the Erotic Blueprints How Kayce’s dating life is […]

JP & Amber Sears: Sex, Marriage, & Becoming Parents

Listen Here Today on That Sex Chick: JP & Amber’s soul recognition when they met Making their relationship work while living in different countries Following the guidance of inspiration & your heart Evolution of their sex life, challenges, & masculine/feminine balance Creating a ritual around sex How they’ve cultivated a fulfilling relationship JP and Amber […]

How BDSM changed my life forever

Listen Here Today on That Sex Chick: How Alexa was challenged in her understanding of traditional relationships Alexa’s first BDSM experience & the relationship that developed The submissive and dominant perspectives What made Alexa’s BDSM experiences impactful and positive Red flags in BDSM & how to create a safe experience Action items for entering the […]