Suzanne Sinatra x Ep 26

Happy Vulva, Happy Life: Soothe Pain and Bring Comfort to Your Lady Parts with Suzanne Sinatra “If you have painful sex, let the hot pack sit there and rub on a lube like vitamin E or coconut oil as part of foreplay—while you’re kissing up top she’s getting malleable and supple—and then use the cool […]

Bryn Marhefka x Ep 25

P*ssy Power: Your Orgasm, Your Responsibility with Bryn Marhefka “My body was falling apart and I was in an inflammatory state, but I had this primal desire to indulge in self-pleasure, to use my vibrator and sit in the paradox of pain and pleasure. It was such a powerful moment being able to hold both […]

Pamela Madsen x Ep 24

Sexological Bodywork: Connect to Your Vulva with Pamela Madsen “If you’re not connected to your vulva, it’s really hard to be connected to your whole body—it’s what runs your energy.” Listen Here Today on That Sex Chick: Touch as the cure for our stress response Orgasm headaches & the power of the pussy How infertility […]

Laurie Handlers x Ep 23

Orgasm to live longer: Tantra, Sex & Aging with Laurie Handlers “I was in my late 40s when I discovered tantra, and in my 60s when I first experienced BDSM. Women think that when they turn 50 they dry up or can’t have sex anymore. When you turn 50, your sex life isn’t over—it’s just […]